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SEC Filings

CHIPOTLE MEXICAN GRILL INC filed this Form 10-K on 02/08/2018
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Our quarterly results may fluctuate significantly and could fall below the expectations of securities analysts and investors due to various factors.

Our quarterly results may fluctuate significantly and could fail to meet the expectations of securities analysts and investors because of factors including:


changes in comparable restaurant sales and customer visits, including as a result of perceptions about our brand, competition, changes in consumer confidence or discretionary spending, and other factors listed in these Risk Factors;

additional negative publicity about the occurrence of food-borne illnesses, the ingredients we use, or other problems at our restaurants;

fluctuations in supply costs, particularly for our most significant food items, including increased ingredient costs as a result of changes we’ve made to enhance the safety of our food;

labor availability and wages of restaurant management and crew, as well as temporary fluctuations in labor costs as a result of large-scale changes in workforce;

increases in marketing or promotional expenses as we introduce new marketing programs and strategies, or increased spending on existing marketing programs in an effort to drive sales;

our ability to raise menu prices without adversely impacting customer traffic, particularly if food and labor costs were to increase;

the timing of new restaurant openings and related revenues and expenses;

operating costs at newly opened restaurants, which are often materially greater during the first several months of operation;

the impact of inclement weather, natural disasters and other calamities, such as freezes that have impacted produce crops and droughts that have impacted livestock and the supply of certain meats;

variations in general economic conditions, including the impact of declining interest rates on our interest income;

increases in infrastructure costs;

litigation, settlement costs and related legal expense;

tax expenses, impairment charges and non-operating costs; and

potential distraction or unusual expenses associated with our expansion into international markets or initiatives to expand new concepts.

Seasonal factors also cause our results to fluctuate from quarter to quarter. Our restaurant sales are typically lower during the winter months and the holiday season and during periods of inclement weather (because fewer people are eating out) and higher during the spring, summer and fall months (for the opposite reason). Our restaurant sales will also vary as a result of the number of trading days—that is, the number of days in a quarter when a restaurant is open.

As a result of these factors, results for any one quarter are not necessarily indicative of results to be expected for any other quarter or for any year. Average restaurant sales or comparable restaurant sales in any particular future period may decrease. In the future, operating results may fall below the expectations of securities analysts and investors, which could cause our stock price to fall. This risk may continue to be a greater concern during 2018, as analyst and investor expectations for improvements in our business results may be higher than the level of results we actually achieve.

Additionally, we believe the market price of our common stock, which has generally traded at a higher price-earnings ratio than stocks of most or all of our peer companies, has typically reflected high market expectations for our future operating results. The trading market for our common stock has been volatile at times as well, including during the recent past as a result of adverse publicity events. As a result, if we fail to meet market expectations for our operating results in the future, any resulting decline in the price of our common stock could be significant.

Our anti-takeover provisions may delay or prevent a change in control of us, which could adversely affect the price of our common stock.

Certain provisions in our corporate documents and Delaware law may delay or prevent a change in control of us, which could adversely affect the price of our common stock. Our amended and restated certificate of incorporation and amended and restated




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